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Jimbo makes this incredible metal ladder chair from scratch. This was one of those build as you go type projects. I use to see ladder chair more often as a kid, they are kind of hard to come by now a days. As I went on I learned and would add on things I thought it needed. Keep the metal structure of the chair square was probably the hardest and most important part. Especially because this this is moving, you need to make sure that it is almost perfect for it to work correctly. I added some safety features I felt were needed so that it wouldn’t collapse on you regardless of weight. The wheels at the end I felt were a good addition so you don’t have to lift the chair and worry about getting your finger caught in between anything. It make it easy and safe to move around. The wheel s couples with the handrail at the top make this metal ladder chair feel pretty safe.

This project was brought to you by FEIN tools. They sponsored this episode by providing the tools to build this project.

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  1. Good day sir, excellent work, I want to make that chair and yours is the best I could see, congratulation for the ability to project, than you very much.


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