Making a Steel Gate

how i made a gate for my parents

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all music is from the youtube music library

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  1. My only gripe is the 1/2" sq tube pickets. ive seen so may gates and railings that were made with 1/2" sq tube and it always rotted away. also never used 1/16" wall for any type of security application or railing or gate. it just doesnt hold up nearly as long as 1/8" wall. spray paint isnt bad but i wouldnt shoot it without primer. regardless if the paint is meant for outdoor applications. number one reason outdoor metal rusts and paints lifts is lack of prep prior to paint. Clean, wipe with thinner, PRIMER, 24 hr later then paint. nice build though!!!

  2. Great Work On the Gate, i loved the concept of the small bars with your hinge system Awesome.
    just like others mentioned please the music took over some of the joy of watching the main video content.

  3. Nice!! I like the hinge design. How is the hole in the post holding up? Since it is a heavy gate, I was wondering if you put like a bushing in the post , so the soft pine won't give as easy on the hole? Can you comment on that? Great video


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