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[pmpro_advanced_levels layout=”compare_table” compare=”Quality content selected by our editors and community ,1,1,1;
Be a Part of the community ,1,1,1;
favorites/history/Channels/watch later ,1,1,1;
Mega efficient search Tool ,1,1,1;
Useful Tools:
Calculators/ Drawings/ plans/ Guides/ Tutorials /… ,1,1,0;
Professional experts content and reviews ,1,1,1;
Request special content ,1,1,1;
Get your professional advice Q&A ,1,1,0;
Load your own posts and even Your own Channel (subject to review) ,1,1,0;
Groups ,1,1,1;
Comment ,1,1,0;
Access Job boards and News ,1,1,0;
Discount prices ,0,1,0;
per Year,Free”]

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