DIY Epoxy Resin Farmhouse Dining Table w/ Reclaimed Barnwood

This week I built this DIY farmhouse round dining table with epoxy inlays using reclaimed barnwood. Click my link to get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE!

Last year I made a pair of reclaimed barnwood Parsons farmhouse dining table, and I added turquoise epoxy resin inlays. I had a lot of issues building that table, and I wasn’t satisfied with how I explain things. This time I wanted to use similar methods for a completely different design, and I explained how my mistakes from last year made me approach this build differently. I’m super happy with the results, and I’d love to hear what you guys and gals think about this table. Leave a comment below. DIY farmhouse round dining table with epoxy inlays using reclaimed barnwood.

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  1. Hey Man,
    I am new to watching your channel and I want to say thanks for your hard work and sharing your talents!! I have learned some new Technics and been able to earn some brownie points with the wife.


  2. I plan to do the simmilar but with oak (that has been drying for last 15 years)

    should I go with 1 inch depth pour, is it enough to hold wood in place, or should i go with 1.3 inch depth pour?

    I planned to seal wood with boat lacquer first, and then pour the epoxy between the wood, and then seal all sides with epoxy?

    or should I leave sides of the ood ''open'' so that wood has room to move?

    what is the best way to treat live edge's of the wood to increase bonding with epoxy?


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