About Us

A Story Under Construction

Like most great stories, this one starts with love. A love for home design, construction, renovation, and remodeling, with all the creativity, innovation, knowledge, and skills.

Mankind has gone quite the distance from seeking heat and protection in a cave to renovating the kitchen with self-adhesive tiles.

Today everything’s easier. We have great solutions by IKEA, we’re happy being able to change a faucet by ourselves, we can even cut metal and shape it to our needs at our backyard. Today, the options for home design, improvement, and remodeling are nearly endless. There are simple solutions, valuable products, brilliant ideas and life hacks, and loads of knowledge.

This is where we come in

Under Construction is a site of knowledge and content, Conceived and designed by home improvement experts, construction aces and DIY savvies. We are a proven, experienced, and educated group who shares mutual interests. We are now handing our knowledge and skill to you – handymen; amateurs, builders, and designers alike. The content we share and offer is specifically chosen and handpicked by Under Construction’s experts, delivering the experience at its best all content is gathered for you on our dedicated website – www.under-constract.com. It is categorized and segmented to help you find what you need at the format you want, and it grows by the minute

Building the community

For over 30 years Home Improvement is a culture. Not only for practical uses but fun and experience, learning the tools and even inventing them. The rise of the mutual interests and the ability to share on nearly every possible social platform have brought together communities – sharing, teaching, helping, and contributing to this culture worldwide. Under Construction is aiming to thrive within these communities, nurturing them, and nurturing you, with endless content and passion for home improvement.

That’s Under Construction’s story

Time to DIY

For billions of people worldwide – folding a pair of socks creates a valuable toy. Every one of us experiences DIY in his/her way. But, DIY offers way more than that, and those who are doing it themselves are engaged in constant doing, learning, and improving. Under Construction delivers great DIY content that focuses on home improvement and home design concepts. Join the trends, recycle, create, share.

Do It Yourself

You can go PRO

Content is king, and you can get the jewel of the crown. Under Construction delivers a premium experience, with original content, online courses, personal advising by our team of experts, and a whole load of benefits, promotions, special sales, discounts, and more. As an Under Construction’s premium member – you’ll join a community of pros, honing your skills and taking your knowledge to the next level of home improvement, construction, and remodeling. Do try us.

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